Sore Knee

October 12th, 2008

I woke up this morning to a sore knee.  DARN IT! I have the same range of motion, but it is definitely irritated. UGH… So that means that I need to wear the knee brace to keep the iritation down on 30 mile rides.  So, off I went to Santa Barbara to paraglide. It was another great day at Alternator.  I was scared, as usual. But landed safe and sound.  B went all the way to Summerland! BASTARD! I will follow him next time. =\

On the Road Again… Sort of…

October 11th, 2008

I woke up this morning to blue skies. I’d heard all sorts of wind warnings for today, so I wanted to get a ride in before it started to blow, so off I went.  Riding alone again, typical.  This time, I decided to try riding without my knee brace and to do the same ride with 5 extra miles tacted on at the end. First 4-5 miles, my knee felt a little unstable and tingled with worried me abit. But after about 4 miles, it felt okay. I got off to stretch and to make sure that there was no pain, and kept going.  Iced 2x today after the ride, and am hoping to have no pain tomorrow morning.  I think there was some kind of a ride going on today because I saw a LOT of cyclists in similar outfits spread out along my route.  I even thought I saw someone that looked just like Lance Armstrong riding alone. I wanted to take a double take, but was riding downhill fast with traffic but couldn’t.  I managed to eat only 2 nats (yuk!), saw about 5 squirrels, 1 blue bird, 1 brown bird, 2 road kills, and got home safe and sound.  I feel like I’d gotten stronger than last week, but heh. Could be my imagination.  Oh, and my heart monitor strap! GAWD! The Garmin showed 50-75 BPM all the way throughout the ride.  UGH! Something wrong with that thing! I adjusted the strap several times to try to get a correct reading, but no luck. Oh well… At least I finished riding without a scratch or (hopefully) no additional injuries.  I will go for 45 or 50 next time if my knee is feeling good tomorrow. But I’ve been ordered by RL to “STAY OFF” to give my knee time to recover, so I will need to wait a few more days for recovery. 

I love cycling.  I wish I could ride more.  It gives me time to think, time to reflect on things in my life, what I enjoy and why I enjoy them, and what I’m looking for in the future.  Today I realized that people are always searching. Well, at least in my case, I feel like I’m always searching for something.  No duh, right? I don’t know what I’m searching for, but I guess I’ll know when I find it. Last night, I had dinner with an old ex-boyfriend from more than 5 years ago.  He was my best friend back then for 3 years.  When we were together, I remember feeling that we were so alike and that we were meant for each other.  But when I saw him again and started talking about life, work, and things that we enjoy and mattered, I realized how different we had become, or I had become.  He was still the same as I remember.  But I guess I’ve changed quite a bit.   It’s obvious that the environment and the people who we surround ourselves with have a lot to do with who we become or want to become. I guess that’s the question I want to try to answer during my rides of many miles.  It’s probably one of the reasons why I love cycling.  Unlike the other sports I do such as paragliding or kitesurfing where I need to focus on what I need to do next in order to stay safe, land safely, and enjoy the adrenaline from what I’m doing (at least for me) , cycling gives me a sense of peace and quietness where I can simply enjoy the solitude of just pedaling and thinking.  It gives me a chance to reduce “the noises” (as someone special to me put it) in my head to find some clarity.  This is what I’ve been missing for the last few weeks that I haven’t been able to ride.  I’m looking forward to next month when I can go full force on my bike and start doing the hills again.  Hoping to ride the Solvang century… in under 7 hours? 6.5 hours? Will it be possible? Ambitious, yes. But we shall see…

Physical Therapy Knee Rehab

October 6th, 2008

Yesterday was the first day that I rode my bike in….4 weeks? It seems like forever. My knee is taking FOREVER to heal.  I caved in and saw a doctor who referred me to physical therapy. He told me to take some Advil. Ha! Great doc, right? I think the physical therapy is helping. At least, I’d like to think so. 2x/week for 6 weeks – exercises, electro-stim, and ultrasound.  I am in physical therapy knee rehab through the end of this month, and I told myself that I would stay off the bike, but.. =\  I couldn’t stand it and went on a ride yesterday. HA! hey, but I took it really really REALLY easy.  I even saw RL on my ride and hooked up with her and her friend to ride the rest of the way. It felt so good to ride again. But now, I have been ordered by RL to “STAY OFF or I’ll regret it”.  So OFF THE BIKE I WILL STAY. SADLY.

What else… I’ve been a BAD BAD blogger.  No writing for weeks!  Hm.. so to sum it up, here it is: My computer finally gave in and died a couple of weeks ago, so I bought myself a new laptop.  In the meantime while I’m in rehab mode for my knee, I’ve been chasing the paragliding conditions. I had an EPIC flight in Santa Barbara last weekend. Was in Owens the weekend before? or was it the weekend before that? Marshall several times.  I wish I could figure out how the heck to download the log from the Flytec 6020! Maybe I will be able to now that I have a new computer.   I JUST started downloaded the rides from the Garmin 305 with the new software, and I’m about to download the FlyChart flight log program.  What else… SIV maneuvers clinic up north with Enleau next weekend, then a couple weekends of NO RIDING and being a hermit for awhile.  Maybe I’ll go to Hawaii and enjoy the solitude for a few days.  I have been working a lot, which is good and bad. Good for more income, bad for less free time.  Oh, and I just sold my Porsche. =\  Lots of changes…  But change is good.  I am planning for changes for next year, that’s the way I look at it.  That’s it for now.


September 16th, 2008

As the title says, I’m STILL JACKED…! But currently, in addition to my tendonitis knee, I have a bruise on my face and my legs from having the ground run into me while launching in no wind a couple of weeks ago. Mm-Hm. Just great, right? Ever hit the ground so hard that you couldn’t breathe for 5 minutes? I thought I broke some ribs since I hit the ground full force, but no broken bones, just some tender ribs (hurts when I laugh). Good thing I had had a full face helmet on. I got a cut above my eyebrow which had blood dripping down the side of my face – but otherwise, I was fine. The German told me that blood dripping down the side of my face is “hot”. But I know he was just trying to make me feel better. I hope it doesn’t scar for life like my bike wound. Now, I have a wound from each of my sports… =\ I hope I don’t accumulate anymore.

Still Jacked…

August 31st, 2008

My sharkbite wound from a month ago is JUST NOW starting to mend up.  Scab just starting to heal up.  My knee is still worse than ever.. No riding, just a little paragliding. Sigh.. Sob… Hopefully, I can get in to see a specialist for my knee next week.

The Wrap, the Knee, the Googling

August 20th, 2008

Well, I thought the wrap worked… until the next day when I was in a car in the sitting position for 5 hours. Not sure whether it was the car ride or the biking that made the knee sore.  But so far, I’ve stayed off the bike for the last few days and the knee is feeling better.  We shall see how it does on my next 30 miler with the knee wrapped tighter than last time.

I’m at the Search Engine Strategies conference this week and it has been a great time so far.  Google Dance last night was a rager to say the least.  Tons of fun, tons of people, tons of alcohol, tons of nerds breaking it down on the dance floor. Those Googlers know how to do it right!  Still recuperating with my buddies from last night’s rager.  I wish my damn camera was working to take some photos! Grr… that’s IT! It’s time for a new Canon!

I’ll be heading back from San Francisco earlier than planned to go out to Marshall again this weekend for flying – which means no cycling again. But eh, it’ll be good for my knee to recuperate.


August 17th, 2008

So I went for a quick ride today.  M suggested that I try wrapping my knee and riding – might help keep it stablized and ease the pain. So that’s exactly what I did. I wrapped it with a compression bandage pretty tight, and rode,.. and rode.  Having been away from it for what seems like an eternity, today’s ride gave me an amazing feeling.  Of course, I was riding alone, as usual, and not at home either.  But riding alone gave me time to think.  I really love cycling.  I love it so much.  Certain people that I thank (in my head, of course) to have introduced it into my life.  I went about 25 miles – the most that I’d gone since the knee started hurting.  Immediately iced it after the ride while I garfed down some leftover Thai food from last night’s dinner.  We’ll see how the knee feels tomorrow morning…

Nice and EZ

August 8th, 2008

Nice and EZ spin around the lake today… 10 miles of spinning on my bike at cadence of 80+ on my easiest gear.  There were a little bit of discomfort and I wanted to go a 3rd time around the lake, but the sun was setting so I stopped.  The knee actually is not bad right now. I did ice it…  We’ll see how it does next week.

Off to Dunlap for the mini-comp weekend of paragliding!


August 6th, 2008

Like the title of this post, my knee is jacked. Period.  ARGH! Very frustrating. I went on a short easy ride to Malibu Lake and back – quick 20 miler – last night. My knee felt OKAY during the ride, felt a tiny bit unstable, so tried to keep my cadence up on my easy gears. Right after the ride, the knee felt OKAY, felt some tingling, figured it would be okay. That night though, errrrrg… pain in my knee. I couldn’t cross my legs at all. I had originally thought that it was the TFL so I had been stretching them like crazy for the last 10 days while I was off my bike.  I was getting increasing range of motion on my knee, so I hoped that an easy ride would be okay…  NOT!  Oh..the pain….  I went to Vargo physical therapy for a brief treatment – he gave me some electric stim, ultrasound, and heat/ice treatment on my knee.  It does feel a little better now, but DUDE… And stupid me – since it feels better, I’m tempted to ride the same route as yesterday again!  I’m going to be going around the lake 10 times tomorrow. Easy and Flat.  Hopefully, knee won’t get more jacked. Grrr….

More Than a Week….

August 4th, 2008

It’s been more than a week since I’ve been off my bike. My knee is better, but the pain isn’t completely gone. I’m going to try riding tomorrow evening to see how it will feel. Maybe it won’t be so bad if I stretch the crap out of the knees before I start my ride. As for my narly bike wound from last week, errr…. it’s still narly. I showed it to Mur over the weekend and her reaction said it all. “Oh Beauty! (she calls me ‘beauty’.) That’s going to be scarred for LIFE! You needed stitches!” Great… Too late… Scab is just now starting to form ever so slowly. I hope I got all the crap out of the wound before it closed up. Mur mentioned that I should have soaked it in Benadryl to get it to circulate inside the wound to clean. Oops… I suppose it doesn’t sting as much when I pour peroxide over it anymore, but fizzing is still there. I think the vitamine E capsules are helping. At least, I hope it’s helping. Sigh… Oh well. I won’t ride with a beginner group again… learned my lesson. I just pray that the scar won’t be so bad. Or else, I will tell people that it’s a shark bite. =P

Looks like we’re heading up to Dunlap to fly this weekend.  We’ll see how THAT goes…